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Classic City Tram 3D Wooden Puzzle

Classic City Tram 3D Wooden Puzzle

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 Wind it up and let it forward! Assemble the Classic City Tram and experience the enchantment of the oldest tramway in Europe running on the tracks.

The first tram emerged in the 19th century and quickly became an indispensable mode of transportation. Today, modern trams continue to enhance the lives of people in various countries. This finely crafted scale model replicates a classic tram, thoughtfully designed with two ways to enjoy it. You can put it on the station to display on the table. Besides, you can pull the spring lever up to 12 times and pull the brake lever to the ON position to make it move on the flat surface. As you play, you can immerse yourself in the charm of this vintage tram and envision yourself traveling the streets of Lisbon.

High-precision gears for steady running

The model has an outstanding appearance with the gearbox carriage and can move smoothly with gears.

Scenic stop station

The model replicates the classic side station with the traffic signal, connecting the trolley pole and overhead line.

Scale model in 1:24

The model replicates the famous No.28 tram in Lisbon. Rotating the top knob of the model can shift different destinations.

Reciprocating spring

Pull the spring level back and froth 12 times, pull the brake lever to the ON position ,and the tram begins to move ,covering a distance of 3-5 meters.

Unique model assembly and gameplay experience

Openable doors make the model more realistic so that you can immerse yourself in the tram.

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