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Time Art Romantic Notes Wall Clock

Time Art Romantic Notes Wall Clock

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 Time Art Romantic Notes Wall Clock – create a timeless masterpiece by assembling 231 pieces using the medieval Carolingian style. With either battery or pendulum operation, this clock is perfect for any household. Collectors and puzzle enthusiasts alike will love its beautiful design and engineering. It’s the perfect gift for both kids and adults!

RETRO WALL CLOCK - Craft 231pcs laser-cut 3D puzzles and you'll get a stunning Victorian-style wall clock. Perfect interior decor for your bedroom, living room or office. Equipped with silent quartz clock movement which tells accurate time. AA battery is required (not included).

GRAVITY DRIVEN PENDULUM - The model kits adopts classic pendulum structure with escapement wheel and escapement fork. You need to add weights in the heavy bob before the pendulum can swing (up to 4 hours). Although the pendulum is only decorative instead of telling time, its swings restore the charm of vintage clock.


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