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DIY STEM 3D Wooden Ultrasonic Smart Robot Car Kit

DIY STEM 3D Wooden Ultrasonic Smart Robot Car Kit

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1.This is the most cost-effective and interesting robot car kit with simple DIY environmental wooden mechanical structure, cute appearance and easy installation. 2.Provides a PDF Tutorial for writing code, which will take you into the world of smart programming robot car. 3.It has the program functions of tracking, obstacle avoidance, wireless control.
Application (school students):

Student A: Wow. I'm testing this newly developed wooden robot car. I like it. Could you please introduce it to me? Student B: Yes, of course. It's a DIY robot car made of wood, with a micro controller programming learning system.
Student A: What kind of chip is it?
Student B: We use the original ATmega328 series chip. Student A: Sounds good, what functions does it have? Student B: It has obstacle avoidance, object following, and APP BLE wireless remote-control functions.
Student A: It's so cool. It has so many functions!
Student B: Yes, this wooden car is very flexible, light and environment-friendly
Student A: Are there any other special functions of this car? Student B: Of course, it does, it has an integrated buzzer module. Buzzer module can play alarm clock and music. Student A: That's so interesting, it's a mobile music player. Student A: Is it suitable for beginners and kids?
Student B: Yes, it is an open-source project and easy to program, great for learning computer science languages and programming skills.

Package list:

1*Type C USB open sourcew328 motherboard

1*L9110S 4 Drive Expansion Board

1*HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module

4*Smart wheel with TT motor

1*BT06 Bluetooth module

1 set*DIY wooden robot body

1*18650 battery box (without battery shipping)

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